OpexLabs Leucine Partnership

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Bengaluru, INDIA – 3rd October 2016 OpexLabs has announced strategic partnership with Leucine Rich Bio Pvt Ltd, a Bengaluru based Bioinformatics Company, to develop and market innovative solutions for the genomics market. Complementary capabilities of … Read More

VESPER Genome Data Platform

Vivekanandan MuthukrishnanVESPER

 Massive amount of genomic and clinical data is being generated at a very fast pace. Data mining these diverse clinical data sets to generate actionable results is the biggest challenge that biologists face. As of today, it … Read More

Why should SMB embrace BigData?

Vivekanandan MuthukrishnanBig Data

The biggest challenge with BigData analytics is that results are not immediately measurable. Additionally, complexity of tools and experts availability makes any long term investment in BigData a night-mare especially for Small and Medium Businesses … Read More

Compiling Hue in Centos 7

AshwinHADOOP, Hue

The steps required to compile/build HUE 3.10 version on Centos 7 is captured in this blog. Prerequisite libraries- Below is the list of components installed before building Hue – yum install libffi-devel yum install gmp-devel … Read More

Compiling Oozie in Centos 7

AshwinHADOOP, Oozie

Oozie will be bundled in case of distributors like Horton, Cloudera, etc.,. bundled hadoop. But Apache Oozie needs to be compiled. This blog talks about compiling the oozie component in Centos 7 m/c. Mysql Server … Read More

Adding Java based UDF in Pig

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Most of pig related use case can be handled with built-in functionality given by Pig. Pig also gives extensibility of calling any custom utility or script while iterating over the data by functionality called User … Read More

What is VESPER Container?

Vivekanandan MuthukrishnanVESPER

VESPER is a light-weight container framework that creates reliable, scalable and operational application containers on existing servers in just minutes with ZERO downtime over 100s and 1000s of servers. It is a simple to use … Read More

Business Development & Partnership Program

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We are looking for individuals &/or companies to build a win-win partnership to take our flagship HAAS365 platform (www.haas365.org) to the international market. HAAS365 is a Big Data platform built using VESPER Container technology that enables … Read More