VESPER Genome Data Platform

Vivekanandan MuthukrishnanVESPER

VESPER Genome Data Platform Software

 Massive amount of genomic and clinical data is being generated at a very fast pace. Data mining these diverse clinical data sets to generate actionable results is the biggest challenge that biologists face. As of today, it takes them few days to few weeks to generate various interpretation reports, in addition to requiring complex software tools, IT infrastructure and specialized human resources to implement the same.

What is VESPER?

VESPER is an integrated data platform software with omics, statistical and BigData tools such as Hadoop & Spark. It comes with biologist friendly interfaces that enables them to focus on research and most importantly does not require them to learn any new software tools or
programming languages.

Platform capabilities

Easy data integration; Comes with data connectors to integrate omics data with various public data repositories (TCGA, GDC,
ENCODE, GEO & 1000 genome portals).

No vendor lock-in; Uses only open source tools and easily migrates data to other vendor data platforms.

ZERO Learning Curve; No need to learn any BigData tools or programming languages.

Why choose VESPER?

Encourages scientists to ask the right questions from omics data sets.

Secure & readily fits into existing IT / public cloud platforms.

Enables enterprises to reduce manpower cost by more than 70%.

We, at OpexLabs, have eons of experience in implementing medium to large scale BigData projects and helping organizations reduce their data analysis timelines significantly. To know more about VESPER, write to us at