What is VESPER Container?

Vivekanandan MuthukrishnanVESPER

VESPER is a light-weight container framework that creates reliable, scalable and operational application containers on existing servers in just minutes with ZERO downtime over 100s and 1000s of servers.

It is a simple to use declarative container deployment model that supports Linux Kernel version 2.6 and above.


Continuous Application Delivery; Very light weight container deployment at very high speed and frequency including Revision Control and Rollback

Single & Multi Tenant Ready; Easy to deploy and manage over public/private/hybrid cloud & 100% Scriptable

Real Time Resource Allocation; Policy based runtime resource allocation of CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network per tenant.

Enterprise Class Security; Complies with underlying OS security systems such as SELinux or AppArmour


  • Does not require to build and manage container images
  • Does not dependent on overlay file systems
  • Very light-weight, the entire package is just < 10MB
  • Stateless application stack with state-full data persistence
  • Runs on physical servers and Virtual Machines
  • NON-SUDO user containers
  • Readily supports Big Data platforms such as Hadoop & Spark


Dramatic Decrease in Energy Costs; Repurpose existing servers to run more workloads within containers to maximize server utilization.

Facilitates ZERO Downtime; State less containers with built-in version control & roll back mechanism allows automatic recovery of containers.

Seamless Migration of legacy applications; creates light-weight containers for legacy database systems as well as Big-data platforms.


  • Quickly experiment with container projects for various application stacks.
  • Easily build and migrate applications from Server/VM to containers.
  • Effortlessly build “On Premise” SaaS over public or private cloud.
  • Launch Hadoop containers in just seconds on existing cluster to run more work loads without downtime


Working directly with customers from requirements to implementation, Opex Labs reduces Operational Expenses of customers with skilled professionals having expertise in enterprise applications.

Additionally, we have simplified Hadoop adoption by launching a self-serving Hadoop As A Service platform (HAAS365  www.haas365.org)

We, at OPEX LABS, are committed to making HADOOP & Spark adoption experience a smooth, positive and conclusive one for one and all.